RespectYes, that spells the word Respect.  But what has happened to Respect in the workplace and with regards to customers and clients?

The workplace is a reflection of society at large. Today, we see a range of behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect and civility, both inside and outside the workplace. Studies and polls indicate that we all view disrespect as a serious problem that is getting worse.

One study found that 60% of employees believe that co-workers’ annoying behaviors negatively impact the workplace and, as a result, 40% reported that they are looking for new employment. These findings illustrate that disrespectful behaviors drain productivity and negatively influence both an organization’s bottom line and the overall economy.

The following are some tips to assist you in achieving more Respect in your workplace:

1-    Before acting, consider the impact of your words and actions on others.

2-    Create an inclusive work environment.  Only by recognizing and respecting individual differences and qualities can your organization fully realize its’ potential.

3-    Self-monitor the respect that you display in all areas of your communications, including verbal, body language, and listening.

4-    Understand your triggers or “hot buttons.”  Knowing what makes you angry and frustrated enables you to manage your reactions and respond in a more appropriate manner.

5-    Take responsibility for your actions and practice self-restraint and anger management skills in responding to potential conflicts.

6-    Adopt a positive and solution-driven approach in resolving conflicts.

7-    Rely on facts rather than assumptions and second-hand information.  Gather relevant facts, especially before acting on assumptions that can damage relationships.

8-    Include others in your focus by considering their needs and avoiding the perception that you view yourself as the “center of the universe.”

9-    View today’s difficult situations from a broader (big picture) and more realistic perspective by considering what they mean in the overall scheme of things.

10- Become a bridge builder and role model for civility and respect. Act in a manner whereby you respect yourself, demonstrate respect for others, and take advantage of every opportunity to be proactive in promoting civility and respect in your workplace.

11- Respect yourself and those you work with. or criticism personally. Respect is a building block of meaningful relationships, and it comes about when we place value on other people.

12- DWYSYWD and Exceed the Expectations of Others. Don’t disappoint those around you, therefore Do What You Say You Will Do and Exceed the Expectation of Others.  You set the standard, as an example throughout the entire company.

13- Stand Firm on Your Core Values, Convictions and Principles and never waver. As a leader it’s always tempting to make politically correct decisions that promise safety instead of bold ones that involve risk.

14- Maturity Well-Beyond Your Years. One mark of maturity is the willingness to assume responsibility. Another indication of maturity is character, or the willingness to do what’s right even when it’s costly. A final mark of maturity is confidence.

15- Experience Success in Your Family and Career. Neither success nor failure is a one-time event. Rather, both result from the accumulation of thousands of seemingly insignificant actions done day-by-day and week-by-week. Identify which activities, performed daily, will develop you into the type of leader you aspire to be and then be relentless about practicing them.

16- Invest in the Success of Others. But, first define success, it has to involve helping people.

17- Plan, Plan, Plan. Leaders gain respect because they think ahead of others and more deeply than others. They project their minds into the future, and they discipline themselves to put sustained thought into major issues facing their team.


Respect in the workplace benefits everyone, and it’s really not that difficult to achieve. All it takes is a little care in the way you deal with others. Getting into the habit of mutual respect in the workplace will inevitably spread into your personal and social life as well, so the advantages just keep adding up.


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